Briggs myers dating astrology

Not usually visible leaders, Counselors prefer to work intensely with those close to them, especially on a one-to-one basis, quietly exerting their influence behind the scenes.

Counselors are scarce, little more than three percent of the population, and can be hard to get to know, since they tend not to share their innermost thoughts or their powerful emotional reactions except with their loved ones.

More than many other types, Leos crave attention and appreciation, and in order to court this sign you will need to give them the attention that they need.

This personality test uses ten categories of individual and ten categories of social personality attributes to help you look inside yourself, find out how others see you, and get insights about other persons.

They are highly private people, with an unusually rich, complicated inner life.

Friends or colleagues who have known them for years may find sides emerging which come as a surprise.

Are persons who are stingy or obstinate born with those qualities?

Or, do these traits develop from facing particular hardships?

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