Compatible dating signs

The Cancer woman Taurus man couple navigates a similar course together, reaching new and satisfying heights.

One commonality between the Cancer woman and Taurus man is their methodical natures.

Having your moon in Cancer might attract people with their sun in Cancer, and so on.

Cancer and Taurus are both very private signs, and a relationship between the two of them isn't likely to be broadcast to the world.

If you’re interested in the Leo male you will have to attract his attention.

From your embarrassing stories to intimate details about your life, sharing secrets can show how compatible you and your partner really are.

Honesty is important in a relationship, but actually wishing to tell them secrets shows your partner that you are truly invested in the relationship.

It’s absolutely normal for you to feel difficult sometimes, especially when you find a number of big differences between you and your partner.

But that does not mean you are not compatible with your partner necessarily.

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