Consolidating sep ira

While being self-employed has many benefits, such as greater flexibility and autonomy, there are drawbacks as well.A big one is extra taxes: Self-employed people have to pay twice as much in Social Security and Medicare taxes as employees do, in addition to their regular income tax, and that money isn’t withheld from their paychecks.The good news for this client — and many workers like him — is that there are four retirement plans for self-employed workers that can help ease the strain by reducing your taxable income while putting money away for retirement.Which plan is best for you depends on multiple factors, including your income, your age, whether you have employees and your intentions for the retirement plan funds.If you withdraw less than the RMD amount, you may owe a 50% penalty tax on the difference.Roth IRAs have no RMDs during the owner's lifetime.

Plus, our four options can help you pay off your loans quicker and lower your existing monthly payments.

Another is the lack of formal employee benefits that come with a traditional job, such as health insurance and a retirement plan.

I have a young client who recently made the switch from traditional employment to freelance work and was really struggling with paying the additional taxes while simultaneously losing his retirement plan.

At Pen Fed, we want our members to invest in themselves, and build a retirement plan that fits the life they imagine.

Our extensive IRA portfolio allows you to customize how you save for retirement.

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