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[Intro: Meek Mill] (Cuff your chick) You heard that They call me Meek Milly aka Mr.Philadelphia And as my nigga Big Re would say If you don't like it kill your fucking self nigga [Verse 1: Meek Mill] I got my first eight ball and I went bananas Cause I started flipping like them little mini cameras Turned that to a quarter turned a quarter into a half Somebody tell them niggas with them bricks up on their ass First time I seen them whip it was my nigga Smooch When I was broke he used to tell me go and get the loot Niggas ain't riding they pussy cause they pick and choose Hit you in your head you go in shock just like you're Pikachu I see you chasing around them bitches trying to fit the [?It was released on November 4, 2013, by Interscope Records as the second promotional single from the record, following "Venus".It was written by Gaga, Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair, Dino Zisis, and Nick Monson and produced by Gaga and Rick Rubin.

But the 29-year-old — whose real name is Ariane Andrew — claims she’s being unfairly painted as a racist. “We all have a preference,” Cameron — who is black — told TMZ Sports. If you’re dope, you’re dope.” She added that she’s open to dating men of all races.

Following her hip surgery and cancellation of the Born This Way Ball tour, Gaga became addicted to drugs, which helped her get relief from the pain of surgery and also to cope with her sabbatical.

"Dope" was written about this addiction and evolved from a song she had previously composed for her fans, about her confessions.

Use for this purpose does not compete with the purposes of the original artwork, namely the artist's providing graphic design services to music concerns and in turn marketing music to the public.

As musical cover art, the image is not replaceable by free content; any other image that shows the packaging of the music would also be copyrighted, and any version that is not true to the original would be inadequate for identification or commentary.

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