Dating patterns in mid adolescence

Contrary to expectations, findings indicate that the effects of both early and continuing heavy alcohol use on dating aggression were strong during early adolescence but tended to diminish over time.Unexpectedly, the contemporaneous effects of alcohol use on dating aggression were stronger in the spring than in the fall semesters. 2008), youth violence (Office of the Surgeon General 2001) and delinquency (Windle 2000) suggest that these behaviors generally follow a curvilinear trajectory over time, in which perpetration increases up until middle or late adolescence and then drops off as adolescents transition into young adulthood.Parents of different families often see their roles differently.

Teens should be instructed to follow the more strict set of rules when they are in doubt.

The goal of the current study was to examine the protective role that maternal media monitoring might have for adolescents.

This was done by considering whether styles of media monitoring either directly reduced media use, or whether they buffered the associations between aggressive media use and adolescents' prosocial behavior, aggression, and delinquency.

To address these gaps in knowledge, we investigated whether self-esteem in early adolescence predicted depressive symptoms in late adolescence and early adulthood...

Ethnic identification (i.e., one's self-reported ethnicity) is a social construction and therefore subject to misperceptions by others.

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