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"Speaking or hearing erotically charged words stimulates dopamine transmission, which plays a huge role in sexual excitement," explains Ian Kerner, Ph D, author of ."They can enhance the emotional and physical intensity of the experience." Sounds great..what should you say that won't seem ridiculous? " probably doesn't roll off the tongue.) "Most women aren't sure what sounds sexy, so they don't say anything," says Logan Levkoff, Ph D, a sexologist in New York City.

They created vivid sexual images in his mind that will linger with him and build anticipation of being with you as soon as he can."Telling him you're about to orgasm is the ultimate accolade." It's proof that he's successfully satisfying you.What's more, he's gotten you so aroused that you're out of control — this phrase suggests that even if you tried, you couldn't stop from tumbling over the edge.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction So this book is of the one shots of the group magcon so their all gay unless there is a twist, some stories may contain; sad death HORNY sex self harm group chats SMUTS incest did i mention sex? Taylor caniff added Hayes Grier into *sexy bitches* .. Jack and Jj left *sexy bitches* Hayes: why am I in this??

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