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We have wildlife webcams located on several of our reserves, bringing you live footage from our visitor centres at the click of a button.You can also follow the tracks from ospreys that have been satellite tagged as chicks.You don’t want it to be an archetypal lesbian character.[You don’t want] all the gay male characters to be flouncing around singing ABBA or the female characters to be really butch. With regards to Bea and what’s happening to her this season, my conversations with the writers were that I was really interested in exploring Bea’s sensuality.

Where she puts those feelings of love and warmth and being held and being able to hold someone else. But I think it was unanimously decided between Robbie, myself, and the writers that that relationship was perfectly formed by being just a friendship. There’s someone who’s really looking at her, and Bea feels it. And I don’t think Bea has had that experience for a very long time, and it’s ignited something in her.

For me, it was more about cracking jokes and strutting.

Watch live footage from some of our favourite wildlife hotspots and track ospreys as they embark on their epic migration.

Calling yourself out for not doing the things you’ve set out to do, and letting go of what’s been holding you back to allow yourself to grow.

On The Line TVTalent - Name Holly Landers - Fiona Bates Ajoura Willow - Cindy D' Andrea Psychic - Stevi Daft Dr.

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