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Goss, 35, said he snatched up the URL in February after coming across Bernie, a dating site for Sanders' supporters.

"Everyone thought it would be a great idea, from all sides of the political arena," said Goss, a freelance associate producer for reality TV.

According to a recent survey from teen polling app Wishbone, 47% of those polled (10,000 people) would not date someone with different political beliefs. Maple Match made headlines in May for offering to find Americans love in Canada if Trump becomes president.

And Bernie is still going strong, despite the fact that Sanders has lost the Democratic primary race.

Our preferred method was using a local pizza place’s number in place of our own. Nowadays I usually either just cave and give the number (men are pretty crafty these days with the “oh let me call/text you right now so you have mine too” verification method), or I muster up the courage to say no or change the subject. Meet: Burner—the free app that lets you protect your identity and real number by getting temporary and disposable digits.

I figured at least when they called they’d be able to get a nice snack as consolation. So, in addition to the conundrum of giving guys on Tinder your real number for that first date meet-up, you can use Burner for Craigs List sales, or as a business line. I also think from a ‘best practices’ perspective, the idea of keeping your real number private is a great one and will help avoid what I am now calling ‘digi-regret’.

"Most of the time, we go through an analogue verification process which means looking through every profile. But we're doing that so people don’t get harassed," says Goss. "If they [Democrats] wanna try and get on the site, it’s not gonna work.

Goss says he's saddened that people's political views are impacting on their ability to find happiness. He describes the site as a space where Trump supporters can be free from harassment.

For those of us looking to start dating again over the age of 50 it can be a daunting prospect.

Divorces, separations and the loss of loved ones can leave us feeling unsure of how to proceed and questioning whether we should at all.

Trump, which launched in May, has nearly 7,000 users from around the world, according to founder David Goss.

Like other dating services, users can select what they want: "Fun," "Whatever," "Dating," or "Like-Minded Friendship." They can filter everything from physical features (eye color, body type) to lifestyle habits (smoking, drinking).

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