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Head-to-head eliminations throughout the day lead to one winner, simultaneously unlocking a chat between both users.Its profile preferences include age, gender, and location. For .99 a month, users can have two brackets per day, with no time barriers and the opportunity to chat with the top two picks in each bracket.If you watch the news (I stopped watching any Television and reduced my ‘news’ intake about 4 years ago, although I still read the news selectively) you will know that we are always given reasons to fear.The news and the tabloids are always giving us reasons to be fearful.If this new prospect doesn't blow you away, it's unlikely you'll be willing to settle. It's being surprised — shocked, even — that a person who feels so right really exists. The most experienced people know to stay on solid ground.In fact, if you aren't blown away by someone, you won't be capable of falling in love with him or her. But you need a support in case you lose your foothold.Find a mediocre partner and have a mediocre love, and you'll find yourself with a mediocre life.If you've ever been in love, you must have been blown away by the experience.

We want the best of both worlds, and only a healthy balance will make us content. Unless this someone blows you away, what's the point?

Most people act out of fear, and we are encouraged to be skeptical, negative and to protect ourselves.

Settling for a belief that dis-empowers you and the people you love is gutless.

And I finally have braces (that i resisted getting for years so I can learn how to attract and smile prior to getting them all in line).

And you know what…I STILL am not going to be regarded as someone much higher than a “7” on a 1 to 10 scale.

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