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I compensate by joking openly about my height — a maneuver that I’ve noticed fat girls use. And short people seem to think that tall is synonymous with sexy.It’s a social trick, pulling the ball back into your court by letting all your wonderful traits shine through from the get-go. They’ll point out that Olympic volleyball bombshell Gabrielle Reece is six-three, that Kimora Lee Simmons is just a smidge over six feet, that Brigitte Nielsen, six-one, starred in a rarely viewed romantic comedy called sexy.The message is, "There are other things besides my shape that I want you to register, such as the fact that I am not a he-man, and you need to re-categorize me pronto." But height does have its bonuses. All of these women weigh at least seventy-five pounds less than I do.But it’s nice that short acquaintances of mine think that hypothetical others think I’m sexy. " Thus the allure of hanging out with tall people in a hotel at their weeklong social convention for uncharacteristically tall people.Make sure to set 'Content-Type' and 'Accept' headers to 'application/XML' to identify the request and response formats.


The Marketo Field parameter will always use the SOAP API name of the field.Here’s what that looks like in Marketo: Let’s look at a more complicated example with an array: Let’s say that we want to access the order Date from the first element of the orders array.To access this property, we’ll need to use the following: orders[0].order Date Values van be accessed from individual elements in XML documents.The Easy Insight REST API is a simple REST API for publishing data into Easy Insight. You can either use your Easy Insight username and password or API key and secret key (recommended for security).The specifics will depend on your programming language, but as a general rule, you'll be making HTTP POSTs of XML to the URLs listed below.

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