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For some families, this is the first time and for others it is a return visit.Traveling to a different country – any country – can be stressful as you are traveling “outside your comfort zone”.Mayer and was not a futuristic round house as depicted in this film.

This film dramatizes their volatile relationships with each other and the Kennedys, Marilyn Monroe, mobster Sam Giancana, Judith Campbell Exner and the FBI. Kennedy get elected in 1960 with a little help from Giancana.They were gifted, rich, and idolized, could have anything or anyone they wanted, ruled Las Vegas as demigods, and for a brief moment in history, they shared, with John Kennedy, a pinnacle that no one, before or since, has achieved.Each performer had a clearly defined role in the 'Pack', in 1960; Joey Bishop, 42, was the 'Jester', heralding arrivals, and content with the reflected glory of the 'Pack'; Peter Lawford, 37, was the 'Ambassador', official 'go-between' for Sinatra and the Kennedys (who would swallow his pride, and accept often being little more than a glorified 'pimp' for his more successful friends); Sammy Davis Jr., 35, was the 'Pet', tiny and extraordinarily talented as a singer and dancer, yet still treated as a 'less than equal' novelty act, even by the enlightened Sinatra; and Dean Martin, 43, was the 'Crown Prince', tall, handsome and charismatic, possessing all the qualities Sinatra lacked, and completely hiding a deep-set aloofness by a quick wit and 'way cool' persona.During the secondary inspection, sexually explicit images of at least one individual who appeared to be under 18 were discovered on his cell phone.Investigators from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) interviewed the man and arrested the individual on suspicion of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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