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Before you take to Facebook to let the world know of your newfound singledom, remember these simple rules about what not to post online following a breakup. Just because you’re on an emotional roller coaster doesn’t mean that those ups and downs should be available for public consumption. Just stay away from your computer when you’re tempted to chronicle every stage of the breakup. If you don’t want people to know why you’re sad, don’t insinuate that you’re blue. Don’t force mutual friends to defriend him in order to stay in your good books. In fact, as a general note, don’t post cryptic notes on Facebook ever. Don’t comment on wall posts by any of his/her friends.

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It doesn’t seem like she’s taking her recent split from Drake too well.

(Photo by Ben Rose/Getty Images for Smirnoff)NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 03: Master of the Mix judge Amber Rose attends Amber Rose, Kid Capri, Vikter Duplaix, and Cast celebration for the Premiere of Smirnoff's Master of the Mix on November 3, 2011 in New York City.

(Photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images for Smirnoff)NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 07: Amber Rose poses as Season 23 of 'Dancing With The Stars' meets the press at Planet Hollywood Times Square on September 7, 2016 in New York City.

I wouldn't be opposed to tossing a few photos if it helps you heal.

But someday I think you will miss having something to remind you of those good moments you shared. If they are of you AND your ex, I'd say keep it - if you're smiling or happy in it. At some point, you'll want to look back and either remember the good times in you life, or have reminders of what you've survived through. It's impossible to plow through a committed relationship in an industrialized nation without piling up an abundant digital record.

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