Private adult chat hack

The company spreads these sites for better security against Distributed Denial of Service attacks that could knock them offline.Cloudflare is largely considered a secure company to host big websites and store private data with.It is not the first time Friend Finder Networks has been the victim of such an attack.The company, which has offices in Florida, London and Taiwan, was also targeted last year.

The attack took place in October, with browser information, IP addresses and site membership status also released in the breach.There is no sign yet that the prolonged leak was exploited by hackers (stock image) Cloudflare in a US content delivery and internet security company.It helps 6million websites securely push their content around the internet including Uber, Ok Cupid and Fitbit.But now, with messenger apps springing up almost every day, you get different friends telling you to download different apps that usually end up hogging way too much storage space.Originally founded by the indie h1pst3rs, Telegram is now becoming increasingly mainstream, which means more Whats App users flocking over to Team Telegram.

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