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AVS-3 Series 3-way solenoid pneumatic valves are body ported 3-port (3-way) spool valves.

The single air valve solenoid models provide 2-position, normally closed valves with spring return operation.

The double solenoid valve models provide 2-position operation.Leland can also fill with high pressure N2 for cold applications.In physics, the term refers to a coil whose length is substantially greater than its diameter, often wrapped around a metallic core, which produces a uniform magnetic field in a volume of space (where some experiment might be carried out) when an electric current is passed through it.The 50 pack is the perfect solution for these high volume users.Gases and Instrumentation published a paper written by Leland Stanford, President-CEO of Leland Limited Incorporated, in the July/August 2008 issue.

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