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: Endocrine autoimmune disorders share genetic susceptibility loci, causing a disordered T-cell activation and homeostasis (HLA class II genes, CTLA-4).Recent studies showed a genetic variation within the PTPN22 gene to be an additional risk factor.Despite her objections, they asked her to accompany them to their hotel room, where Venkatramana allegedly made sexual advances towards Sawant.On February 10, 2004 Sawant’s chief manager Suhasini Mohapatra reportedly saw the marks inflicted on her and inquired if the CMD was responsible.“One does not feel bad or guilty for crossing a red light, nor does he feel that he has broken the law,” Modi said.The PM stressed the need to create the same spirit that existed between 19 in the coming years when India turns 75.AIM: To investigate the prevalence of celiac disease (CD) as well as CD marker antibodies and susceptibility HLA-DQ haplotypes in 134 karyotyped Down’s syndrome (DS) patients.METHODS: Immunoglobulin A (Ig A) and G (Ig G) type anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA), Ig A type anti-tissue transglutaminase (t TG) antibodies (anti-t TG) with antigen of guinea pig and human source were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and endomysium antibodies (EMA) by indirect immunofluoresence test.

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Poverty, lack of education & malnutrition — these are big challenges our nation faces.Sarita Sawant is a lone woman who defied the odds in a government sector.In 2004, Sawant complained of sexual harassment by the chairman and managing director (CMD) of National Aluminium Company Ltd. A subsequent inquiry by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) proved the charges, but despite the report, justice is yet to be done.“It’s been two years since the incident and a year since the report was tabled, but no action has been taken against our chairman,” laments Sawant, who has been working with Nalco since 1988.Nalco CMD C Venkatramana and regional head Virendra Singh were in Mumbai for a meeting with Hindalco on February 7, 2004, when Singh asked Sawant to bring papers to the venue in Churchgate.

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