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I like New Balance sneakers, love Golden Retrievers and hate wearing heels.

After graduating from college with my Master’s, I started my career as a Data Analyst in a tech company in the Midwest and left when it was acquired by a Chinese firm.

I wrote the first part of that post (and second, for that matter) in South Park pajama pants and a Kelly Kepowski T-Shirt (working from home kicks ass, you guys).

But no sooner had I pressed “publish” then my phone blew up like it was a Nexus 7.

How about Marcus Buckingham two years ago igniting HR and businesses to stop the madness of elaborate annual reviews.

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Less than a month ago, hundreds of thousands deleted their Uber accounts after the ride-sharing company eliminated surge pricing at JFK during a taxi strike following the announcement of President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

had stellar performance reviews from his superiors) and they wouldn't feel comfortable punishing him for what was probably just an innocent mistake on his part."Fowler was told she should either find another team (an undesirable option, considering her expertise with the project) or get a poor performance review from the manager she reported.

"One HR rep even explicitly told me that it wouldn't be retaliation if I received a negative review later because I had been 'given an option,'" she wrote."Some of the women even had stories about reporting the exact same manager I had reported, and had reported inappropriate interactions with him long before I had even joined the company.

And during the weekdays, I write for a living – and the beat I happen to cover is as esoteric as any enterprise software niche, as some sort of cruel cosmic joke.

I thought you should know all this, because the reaction to my first “Top HR Technologies of 2016” list was a little, let’s just say, severe for what was an admittedly arbitrary, completely subjective list of products I happen to like or conveniently popped into my head at the time.

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