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In addition, customers can send all their questions or suggestions tois a step towards the further interconnecting and developing of Telenor’s customer service digital channels, driven by changes in customers’ habits, as well as the ever increasing digitization of society.

It’s a simple truth: companies that engage customers with live chat online get better results than companies that don’t. Compared to companies that don’t use chat, companies offering live chat online are able to achieve: While these numbers are remarkable, realizing these rewards requires the right solution for live chat online.

When you connect to Web Chat counselling, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire.

Once you do this you will be notified when a counsellor is ready to chat with you.

Features include: This Forrester Research report provides an overview of the chat vendor landscape, highlighting chat capabilities and support for a broad range of use cases, as well as a decision framework for choosing the right chat solution for your needs.

A web chat is a system that allows users to communicate in real time using easily accessible web interfaces.

Lots of website chat products on the market don’t let you tailor the chat experience to truly reflect your brand.

And if you’re not talking to customers in the way you want and in a voice that’s truly your own, how can you ever expect to reach and retain them effectively?

Users will always get the latest version of a chat service because no software installation or updates are required.

Web chats (also known as messengers, IM, or instant messengers) have been around for decades, almost as long as email.

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